Why Haiku

A Haiku is a very short composition of three verses, a traditional Japanese poem of 5, 7 and 5 syllables. Composing a haiku calls for brevity, precision and a mastery of writing techniques.
Communication is based on those same three elements, and they are the founding principles of Haiku RP.

The agency

Haiku RP is an independent public relations agency founded by Domenico Avolio. We are based in Milan, where we first started out in 2006.
We believe that good communication can only be effective if it meets three conditions: conciseness, rigor and creativity, the same prerequisites for writing a haiku.

We handle relations with online and offline media, plan and manage social media accounts, create quality content and offer consulting aimed at improving communication. First and foremost, we help companies and other organizations build and reinforce their voices, selecting messages that are consistent with their style and culture, outlining the best communications strategy and suggesting the appropriate mix of channels, in light of the objectives and the budget. Thanks to our clients, over the years we have learned much about certain industries, we have created a sound network of relations and become acquainted with the topics and lexicons that distinguish them. We are very happy with the job we do.

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